Bleeker Bros paint mixing rooms are constructed of rigidly reinforced companion flanged galvanized steel panels and are ready for bolting to each other. Each mix room has a personnel access door measuring 3’ wide x 6’8” high which may be located on either side of the mix room.


Good lighting is most necessary with all mix rooms: therefore Bleeker incorporates even light distribution with a 4 tube light fixture. 120 volts UL and C-UL approved vapor tight is included.


To remove vapors, a ventilating system creates a continuous flow of fresh air through the room.


Fire Damper System, required by Fire Dept. codes, include a heat sensitive fusible link that melts in fire and closes the damper.



Bleeker Bros PAINT MIXING ROOMS are built tough, free standing and totally self-contained to provide years of service. Available in 4 spacious sizes with 8 ft high ceilings and walls of solid 18 gauge galvanized steel.

Specifications - All Models

Booth Construction

  • 18 gauge galvanized steel

  • Prepunched holes on 6”centers

  • Easy nut and bolt assembly.

  • All necessary hardware and and caulking is included to assembly booth.

Side Access Door includes:

  • 36” X 80” with 24”x 36” observation window

  • Brixon latch P-2.

  • Door handles


  • Fluorescent light fixture(s), UL and C-UL approved

  • Designed for mounting outside the booth.

  • Set in framed clear tempered glass openings.

  • Dust tight seals on windows and doors.

Intake Filters

  • Intake filter, Type AIF

  • 20”x 20” with built in reinforcement frames.

Intake and Exhaust and Motor

  • Motor is out of room.

  • Non-sparking blade tubeaxial fan.

  • Exhaust is balanced to provide best air flow.

  • Design minimizes solvent laden air from entering shop or shop air entering mix room.


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